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These portfolio showcases various projects created under the supervision of an Enterprise Manager from Green & Gold Education with international graduates of the Diploma of Social Media Marketing.

Contours Travel

Contours Travel is a Latin American Travel Company specialising in tours to South America.

The Problem: Contours Travel is a Travel company established in 1975 with a Melbourne office. They wished to increase their online sales and brand awareness in the Australian marketplace.

The Solution: Under the guidance of a Enterprise Manager our intern successfully implemented a 3 week email marketing campaign and we produced a full report of the results which generated 20% sales (ROI) for the Company.

The graduate is now working as a full time employee of the company.

Sample from the Email Campaign:

Wild Timor Coffee

Wild Timor Coffee is a social enterprise in Melbourne Australia that employs local east timoreese and imports coffee to Australia.

The Problem: Wild Timor Coffee wished to build its brand and social media channels for its local Melbourne University and Sydney road coffee shops.

The Solution: Under the guidance of an Enterprise Manager in association with a apprentice a content marketing strategy was delivered around the stories of social impact of the

The Results: Brand awareness increased by up to 40% launching a crowd funding campaign that raised $33,000 in funding to the small business and resulting in media coverage of SBS Television ‘Small Business Secrets’.

Sample of Brand and Content Marketing Strategy “Wild Timor Coffee”.

The Graduate Juan Manual has now secured a full time job in Marketing.

Carlton United Brewhouse

Carlton Breweries employs 1,600 at five Australian breweries and various offices around Australia. In Melbourne Carlton United Brewhouse offers tours 3 times a week.

The Problem: Carlton United Brewhouse did not have an existing social media presence for its tourism offering at the Brewhouse.

The Solution: Build the social media collateral (Facebook, Instragram and a dedicated Blog) and publish a 3 week social media campaign to generate brand awareness.

The Results : The campaign drew the attention of Carlton United Executives and was featured in Ad Week in New York in December 2018.

Bruna is now working full time with the Hobart Brewing Co. in Tasmania and on her way to securing PR to become an Australian citizen.

Let’s build a Project together. From Green to Gold.

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